Enough is Enough! Senator Mitch McConnell, Bring the Bill Up for a Vote!

This past Saturday our country suffered another mass shooting, this time in El Paso, Texas. A 21-year-old white supremacist opened fire at a Walmart store and killed 22 people and seriously wounded others. Then, early Sunday morning, another mass shooting took place in downtown Dayton, Ohio and nine civilians were killed.

Time and time again we have witnessed mass killings in our country: Las Vegas, Sandy Hook, Parkland, Orlando, Gilroy, and the list goes on and on. These massacres are in the news for a while, but nothing happens. Our Congress has let us down. 90% of our citizens are in favor of requiring a universal background check before people can purchase guns. This would reduce the number of guns in the hands of those who should not have them (felons, domestic abusers, mentally ill people, etc.)  Currently there are many loopholes (sales at gun shows, online gun sales, etc.) that allow guns to get into the wrong hands.

There is one man who has blocked legislation that would require a universal background check: Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell. He has repeatedly refused to bring legislation passed by the House of Representatives to a vote in the Senate. On a wide variety of issues this has contributed to the deadlock and polarization of our Congress, as moderate measures are not even given a chance. This is especially troubling regarding background checks.  Last month, a bipartisan bill passed the House (240 to 190) that would require a universal background check prior to the purchase of guns and would eliminate the loopholes. It was co-sponsored by Republican Representative Pete King who affirmed, “When background checks are used, they keep guns out of the hands of people that we all agree shouldn’t have guns. As government officials it is our responsibility to protect our citizens, and when it comes to gun violence, we must do more. The overwhelming majority of Americans want to see action and we owe it to the victims and their families to prevent such tragedies from occurring again.” Senator McConnell has not even brought this bill up for a vote in the Senate. The fact that the NRA (National Rifle Association) has given millions of dollars in contributions to his election campaigns clearly suggests that McConnell is in the NRA’s back pocket.

This bill is not perfect and will not end all gun violence in our country. McConnell does not have to vote in favor of this bill, but he does have the moral and legal responsibility to bring it up for discussion and a vote in the Senate. I urge my readers to communicate with Senator McConnell and to urge him to bring the bill to the Senate.  This is not a left/right issue. Even President Trump has urged a bipartisan response that would include “stricter background checks”. Enough is enough. We, the people of the United States, need to demand action by those in Congress who represent us. The lives of our neighbors are in the balance.

2 thoughts on “Enough is Enough! Senator Mitch McConnell, Bring the Bill Up for a Vote!

  1. President Obama had over 30 mass shootings and the Democrats never blinked an eye. Why didn’t they sensor or try to impeach him? We already have enough gun laws. Just have the balls to start enforcing them. Obama had eight years and didn’t do squat. Remember Fast & Furious? Arm retired veterans to provide safety in our schools. Check out some of the “pork” in Obama Care. Section 2716 part C prohibits feds from regulating ammunition on legal gun owners. This was put in by one Senator Harry Reid before he retired.


    1. Friend Paul,
      Although I appreciate your passion, it seems that this very passion did not permit you to respond to the content of my blog message. Sadly, many people on the left and right don’t deal with the issues themselves, but rather allow their emotions to push them to a polarizing position. For example, I did not mention impeachment, you did. I urged that Mitch McConnell bring the House Bill on background checks to a vote in the Senate. For our democracy to function, our elected officials need the opportunity to cast their votes on this legislation. McConnell has no right to individually block this vote. The House Bill only makes the current gun rules better by closing the loopholes of getting guns. I assume that you really don’t want felons, mentally ill people, minors, etc. to obtain guns through gun show and private transaction loopholes, right?


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