Nobody is Above the Law: Neither Donald Trump nor Hunter Biden

According to my understanding, we are all equal in the sight of God. As a consequence, we should be equal in the sight of the law. No one is above the law. Neither fame nor fortune should enable people to escape from paying for their crimes.  It is healthy and necessary for societies to implement a justice that includes restitution and restoration.

What does that mean for the contemporary U.S. political scene? Most Democrats want former president Trump to be held accountable for his actions. And many Republicans want Hunter Biden, son of the current president, to be held responsible for his actions. The alleged crimes are not comparable. Trump has been accused of tax evasion in New York, vote tampering in Georgia, the unlawful keeping of national security documents in Mar-a-Lago, leading the treasonous January 6 insurrection, obstruction of justice, etc., whereas Hunter Biden has been accused of tax evasion and taking advantage of his father’s influence to obtain a highly paid consulting job in Ukraine. Nevertheless, the principle is the same, nobody should get special treatment. If you commit a crime, you need to pay.

Charges, indictments and a guilty verdict against “our guy” will help the “other side.” Conversely, a guilty verdict applied to the “other side’s guy” will probably help our cause. Nevertheless, we must rise above partisan interests. First and foremost, we must seek truth and justice. Yes, this issue is about Donald Trump and Hunter Biden, but it is also about us, our sense of justice, our integrity. Do we really want what is just, or do we want to win at all costs? We also are on trial. Are we innocent or guilty?